Designer Kev Yiu slams Christine Kuo for lack of acknowledgement?

23 Dec – Netizens recently pointed fingers at Christine Kuo, after Hong Kong fashion designer Kev Yiu took to social media to rant about a certain actress not giving him credit for his bridal dress design.

As reported on Mingpao, the issue sparked a few days ago, when Kev, who owns the bridal boutique KEVOLIE, revealed on Instagram that an actress had asked him to sponsor a dress for her last year but told the media that it was her own design.

He also claimed that the said actress reportedly told others that the design was bad and would rather not give him publicity for it.

Although he mentioned no names aside from hinting that the actress was a former TVB artiste, Kev did respond to a netizen who shared a poster of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" on the comments section, and stated that he had advised the said actress to wear champagne gold instead of bright yellow.

It is noted that Christine was the only former TVB actress who wore yellow at her wedding, choosing the said Disney animated feature as the theme of her wedding to racer William Lok.

He has since deleted the post.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)