Denise Ho doused with red paint at protest in Taipei

3 Oct – Hong Kong singer Denise Ho dubbed her attacker in Taipei as "red terror", after she was doused with red paint during her appearance in the city as part of the Hong Kong-Taiwan joint event, '929 March Against Totalitarianism'.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer was just beginning to give a statement to the media outside Taiwan's Legislative Yuan, when a masked man dressed like a protester tossed red paint from behind, causing it to stain the back of her head as the media and onlookers expressed surprise over the incident.

The assailant had since been arrested by the police after being surrounded by other demonstrators.

After removing the red paint from her body, Denise held a press conference in the late afternoon of the same day, saying, "In the past three months, every fight in Hong Kong, Hong Kong citizens and students have shown courage beyond everyone's expectations, but some people continue to use various kinds of methods and violent acts to try and destroy the voice of democracy, to repel the people who want to come out and fight."

"We thought that this situation only happens in Hong Kong, but such horror is occurring in Taiwan as well. You can say that the red terror is here. As a protester who pursues democracy and the rule of law, we will not retreat because of this intimidation," she added.

Asked if she would sue the assailant, Denise said that she would consult her lawyer first.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)