Denise Ho cheers on protesters fighting against the police

27 Aug – While most celebrities have expressed their love for both China and Hong Kong and condemned the violence that has been occurring throughout the anti-extradition bill protest that has been going on for the past two months, singer-activist Denise Ho continues to dial up her support for her fellow protesters.

The singer took to Twitter to share a video showing protesters fighting back the intervention from the Hong Kong police with bats.

She posted, "I am generally pro non-violence, but in extreme situations one must fight on. I cheer these brave guys, fighting for themselves and defending the crowds against these police beasts."

"Stand up for ourselves [because] sadly no one else is [going to] do that for us now," she added.

Denise's followers also commented on the video, saying that the protest had been peaceful without the police's presence, and that it had only turned violent after the authority arrived.

Meanwhile, critics are saying that the protesters should be thankful that the Hong Kong police was reacting mildly to their protest in comparison to some other countries, with some comparing the protesters with the US' antifa group.

In related news, Denise revealed that she will be flying to Australia next week to speak about the situation in Hong Kong.

(Photo Source: Denise Ho Instagram)