Demi Lovato and reality star 'getting to know each other'

Demi Lovato and reality star 'getting to know each other'

Demi Lovato has sparked rumours she is embarking on a new romance with U.S. reality TV star Mike Johnson after reportedly enjoying a date with him.

The Confident hitmaker and The Bachelorette star have been exchanging flirty messages with each other on social media in the past few weeks and, according to E! News, the pair went on a top secret date.

"They did go on a date and it's been going well," a source tells the website. "They seem to have a lot in common and are just enjoying getting to know each other."

News of the rumoured date comes a week after Lovato and Johnson flirted with each other following when the singer posted an unedited Instagram snap celebrating her cellulite.

"Look at me like that again... Love yaself," Mike wrote under the photo of Demi in a bikini staring back at the camera with a sultry look.

She responded with a kissing emoji.

Demi made it clear she was a fan of the reality star while watching him on the hit U.S. dating show, and when he was sent packing on the 1 July (19) episode, she made it clear she'd love to date him. Minutes after Mike was eliminated from the show, he sent out a tweet to followers asking for a little love help.

Addressing his "future wife", he wrote: "Girl you ready for smiles, adventure, comfort, growth, honesty, laughter... and kissing your stretch marks and imperfections. Where u hiding (sic)?"

Demi quickly responded on a Twitter user's screengrab of Mike's plea for help, writing: "I'M RIGHT HERE MIKE I'M RIGHT HERE BOO MY MOM ALREADY LOVES YOU TOO (sic)".

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