Demi Lovato moves in with family after coronavirus scare

Demi Lovato moves in with family after coronavirus scare

Demi Lovato has moved in with her family after revealing someone in her Los Angeles apartment complex has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The pop star revealed the news during an Instagram Live chat with pal Miley Cyrus on Tuesday (17Mar20).

"I live in an apartment building and someone in the building tested positive, like a guest, so I had to get out," Demi said.

"I moved in with my family. I'm with my family right now and they're everything. Fortunately my family just moved into this new place."

Demi also offered up tips about finding light in the gloom, explaining she is using her church's app and meditation to beat the isolation blues, while the singer has turned her sister's guest house into a cardio room.

Miley and Demi's webchat was part of BRIGHT MINDED: Live With Miley, which will air on the singer's Instagram page every day this week.

Miley also revealed she's worried about her beloved grandma after she suffered "an anxiety attack".

Meanwhile, Lovato showed off her "immunity table", which featured products like Emergen-C, Manuka honey, apple cider vinegar gummies, vitamin C supplements and probiotics.

"Everyone's immune system needs to be tip top," she said. "I want cupcakes... but I'm getting my sugar through fruit, gummies and Emergen-C to boost my immune system."

The two old friends are also using their downtime to learn new skills - Demi has picked up painting and knitting, while Miley explained she's working on mastering the guitar: "I want to get better at guitar so when I'm on tour I'll be shredding," she said.

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