Delta Announces Tom Brady As Its Newest Employee — Here's What the Football Star Will Be Doing

Brady's resume continues to grow.

<p>Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images</p>

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Tom Brady is getting back to work. Just not on the gridiron.

On Wednesday, Delta Air Lines announced it’s bringing on Brady as a long-term strategic adviser. What exactly will Brady do in the new role? What he does best — inspire people.

“Delta’s people are driven by their commitment to world-class performance, excellence, and a desire to achieve best-in-class results,” Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta, shared in a statement. “Bringing a leader like Tom onto the Delta team furthers our mission to connect the world while accelerating our drive to continuously improve for our colleagues, customers, and communities.”

According to the company, Brady will focus on a few key areas within his role, including partnering with the airline to “develop and advise on strategic training and teamwork tools for the airline’s more than 90,000 employees.” Brady will also work with the brand on its marketing, focusing on improving “customer engagement” to support its flyers.

“Growing up with a mother as a flight attendant, I have always admired the people that make seamless air transportation possible," Brady added in the statement. "Throughout my career, my teammates and I flew Delta countless times, spending hours traveling for some of the most important games of our lives, even celebrating Super Bowl wins on the plane. Those championship teams were built off of great leadership and a commitment to excellence, and Delta certainly shares those qualities. Now, alongside Ed and the Delta team, I look forward to playing my part to continue the company’s success.”

Brady will also be spending his first year on the job learning a lot from Delta’s employees too, going through the same “onboarding, cultural familiarity, and immersion into the Delta organization” that all employees receive, according to Delta. He’ll also be making a few appearances on behalf of the brand, including Bastian’s “Gaining Altitude” video series, which showcases discussions with business and philanthropy leaders who all share their secrets to success.

And we’re sure Brady has more than a few inside tips to winning at, well, just about everything, to share with us all. 

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