Della Ding entertains fans with "Ding Dang's Home Diary"

9 Apr – With not much to do during these trying times, Taiwanese singer Della Ding (Ding Dang) decided to utilise her skill as a performer to entertain her fans on social media with her weekly livestream known as "Ding Dang's Home Diary".

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer has been doing a lot of activities during her said livestream, from performing live for two hours, sharing makeup tips and making soup, and recently started sharing her exercise routine.


On the 5 April "Home Diary" segment, Della changed into her workout clothes, and told her fans that she has designed a less rigorous training that only takes 15 minutes of their time.


She also revealed that she is hooked on skipping rope, and has been doing it three to four times a week, saying, "Because of the pandemic, the only place where you can move about it at home, so you can just skip at one place instead of run."


Aside from skipping rope, Della also utilised things at home for her exercises, including filling a 3-litre bottle with water and used it as a weight for her squats, and her towel for stretching.


"It is necessary to find fun in your exercises to make to last. But it is also important to not let yourself get injured," she added.


(Photo Source: Epoch Times)