Della Ding, Cindy Yen team up with "I Want Me"

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20 Nov – Despite failing to make it into the mainland girl group competition, "Sisters Who Make Waves" earlier, Della Ding and Cindy Yen decided to create their own team by collaborating in the new song, "I Want Me".

As reported on Epoch Times, Della, who was eliminated from the show in the second round; and Cindy, who was booted off the show in episode four, revealed that while they never had a chance to cooperate in the show, they have always cheered and encouraged one another as friends.

"We wanted to let everybody see a different side of us when it comes to writing song, singing, and dancing," said Della.

The making of the song itself was a collaboration of the two performers, with Della writing the lyrics and Cindy composing the music. The song reflects the feedback they received from the previous reality show, and also projects their current state of mind.

"I wanted to tell everybody that we can speak our mind and bravely show ourselves. I want it to prove that I am not just the "queen of love songs" but can also perform dance song," she said.

As for Cindy, the singer stated that she just wants to seize every opportunity to shine and enjoy her favourite music.

"People may face bullying in the workplace, discrimination, or just being ignored. Sometimes we don't know how to fight for ourselves. We want to convey that our success is not determined by others. We define it ourselves," she said.

The music video of "I Want Me" was released on 19 November.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)

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