You Definitely Missed This Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo Interaction at the 2023 VMAs

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Here’s How Taylor Shut Down Olivia Feud RumorsTaylor Hill / Angela Weiss - Getty Images

If last night's MTV VMAs proved anything, it's that there's no bad blood (heh) between Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo.

Last week, the singers' relationship became the subject of gossip after fans speculated Olivia’s new GUTS track "The Grudge" may be about Taylor. But everyone’s favorite Easter egg-dropping singer seemingly shut down the rumors at last night’s awards show when she was filmed cheering Olivia on during the 20-year-old's performance of "Vampire" and "Get Him Back."

And later on in the evening—after Olivia’s name was announced by the automated presenter—, Taylor took yet another moment to clap for the fellow singer-songwriter. Ahem, observe:

A refresher for ya: Back in July 2021, reports initially surfaced that songwriting credits on Olivia's track "Deja Vu" were retroactively given to Taylor, Jack Antonoff, and St. Vincent, as the track was inspired by Lover's "Cruel Summer." (P.S. Since then, Olivia has to split 50 percent of the royalties on the track with Taylor, Jack, and St. Vincent.)

"We wanted to write a bridge. I wanted it to be really high-energy, 'cause the rest of the song is so serene and eerily calm. But I wanted the last bridge to go crazy and I love 'Cruel Summer.' It's one of my favorite songs ever. I love like the yelly vocals in it, like the harmonized yells that she does, I think they're like super electric and moving, so I wanted to do something like that," Olivia relayed to Rolling Stone at the time.

Then, during a subsequent convo with The Guardian that was published on September 2, 2023—ahead of her second studio album GUTS'release—, Olivia was flat-out questioned about the theory that "Vampire" was written about Taylor Swift. "How do I answer this?" she began before adding, "I mean, I never want to say who any of my songs are about. I've never done that before in my career and probably won't. I think it's better to not pigeonhole a song to being about this one thing."

"I was very surprised when people thought that," she quipped at the end of her response.

And even more recently (like, just yesterday to be exact), Olivia further shut down speculation of "beef" with Taylor in her latest cover story for Rolling Stone. "I don’t have beef with anyone," the celeb confessed. "I’m very chill. I keep to myself. I have my four friends and my mom, and that’s really the only people I talk to, ever. There’s nothing to say."

She added: "There’s so many Twitter conspiracy theories. I only look at alien-conspiracy theories."

And there you have it, folks! Olivia and Taylor: 1. Internet: 0.

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