Definite Signs You're Dating the Wrong Woman

Definite Signs You're Dating the Wrong Woman

Let’s get one thing straight: women are no angels. Even if they cry and beg you to believe they are angels, they are not!

Some men are unfortunate and unlucky enough to be in a relationship with these devils disguised as angels. The following are definite signs that indicate you are dating the wrong woman. So notice the signs and do yourself a favour by calling the relationship off.

1. You are her shadow

Men secretly enjoy being bossed around by their women. But things get out of hand when she alone is the boss and you are her servant. If she treats you like her shadow you need to step into the sun and get away from her. ASAP!

2. She puts you down in front of others

Fun and jokes apart, if she regularly puts you down in front of friends, family, acquaintances then you can be rest assured you are dating a devil. It is wrong to give anyone the power to put you down. And if your girlfriend puts you down more often than not, then it’s time to safeguard your self-respect and dump her.

3. She brings out the worst in you

Some people just drive us to the edge. They bring out the worst in us and get us to react in ways we thought we were incapable of. If this person in your life is your girlfriend, the one who brings out the devil in you, you must end the relationship.

4. She is manipulative

Most women know what they want and some will do anything to get what they want. If you are in a relationship with a woman who will manipulate the situation or an individual so as to suit herself, then the relationship is not worth it. Such women use sex as a women, cry and make you believe it is your fault when it is actually theirs and almost always put all the blame for all things wrong on you. If your woman is exhibiting these signs, you need to decamp. NOW!

5. She shows no affection towards you

If she does not express her love or affection for you it could mean two things: either she is bad at expressing herself or she feels no affection for you. In either case, you are the one on the losing end. Why show your affection for a person who does not reciprocate?

Now that you've read the above, you should ask yourself, are you dating an angel or devil? (Dating,

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