You can now buy deep-fried Christmas pudding

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

From more-ish mince pies to creamy eggnog, we’re all likely to treat ourselves to an indulgent festive treat or two in the run-up to Christmas.

But if you’re looking for something with true novelty factor this year, an Edinburgh chip shop owner has the answer.

Selim Sener, 48, sells deep-fried Christmas pudding at his establishment, Cafe Piccante, in Edinburgh. The individual mini puddings cost £3.95 each, or £5.50 with ice cream.

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While trying deep-fried Mars Bars, a local favourite, has become something of a rite of passage for tourists visiting Scotland, the deep-friend Christmas cake is something new altogether.

The treats contain 400 calories a piece, Sener has calculated, and is a favourite among drunk revellers on their way back from a night out.

Selim Sener tries his own deep fried Christmas pudding. [Photo: SWNS]
The individiaul deep-fried Christmas puddings contain 400 calories a piece. [Photo: SWNS]

He said it is also “popular with tourists, not just drunk people”.

Sener sells deep-fried Mars Bars for years, and has introduced deep-fried Creme Eggs for the Easter period in recent years too.

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But the Christmas pudding is a new innovation, introduced in the past fortnight.

The battered festive dessert is on offer at Cafe Piccante, in Edinburgh. [Photo: SWNS]

Of his creation, he said: “It is prepared in the same process as the fish, fried in batter. We buy the Christmas pudding ready made and it is fried in the same batter the fish goes in.”

The taste he described as “not too bad”, adding, “It is heavy but it is nice warm. It is just Christmas pudding but warmer.”

Other alternative Christmas puddings on offer this year included a £9.99 CBD Christmas pudding sold by lifestyle retailer, Firebox. The cake, which is 100% legal, is marketed as a “healthy and relaxing” Christmas day dessert.

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