Decode Your Style & Accessories As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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Dress and accessorize in style
We are what we are, but we are all the more, how we present ourselves. In a world which is getting more and more complex & diversified, the role of presentation is gaining ground. When it comes to your overall presentation, style and accessories are predominant. Your style and accessories go a long way in forming your ‘trademark’.

What the stars say about your style factor
Well, when it comes to which style and accessories that we adapt, there is something inherent in us that makes us do so. This inheritance also has to do with the vibrations that we have taken from the universe at the time of our birth at a particular point in space and time. So, the movement of the celestial bodies in the cosmos also decides our choice of style and accessories.

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So, here is a low-down describing which style and accessories go well with which zodiac, astro-inherently. Read on to know more...

Bold colours, silhouette prints, sharp prints are made for you. Aquarius are known to always experiment with their style. A red handbag, high heel sandals or peep toe boots are perfect for your personality. You should mostly follow this style. You can also don those colourful sunglasses that you have been eyeing since long!

Aquarius’ Style
- Living in memories
- Lovers of classic things
- Free to experiment

You are very fashionable. New fashion always attracts you. As far as accessories are concerned, Libra natives like light colour accessories. A white and black hat with no design loafers and a long coat will add to your personality. Women can also take a cream, pink or light yellow purse with a light-coloured blue or cream shirt.

Libra’s Style
- Quality fabric choice
- Versatile interests
- Always ready for fashion

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so carrying trendy accessories is always your style. For Aries, a crossbody bag with red or more vivid colours, trendy shoes in black or white colour or stylish sleepers always add to their personality. Dangle earrings also look great on you.

Aries’ Style
- Quickly adopts new trends
- Loves comfortable wear
- Prefers bright colours

Fashion or accessories may not matter that much to you, but still, toe pointed pumps, chain-linked bracelets are perfect for a Cancer woman. Talking about colour, trendy bags of ocean blue, light blue or white will suit you very much. These things will keep you in fashion and will not overshadow your personality.

Cancer’s Style
- Doesn’t necessarily follow ‘what’s in’
- Comfortable fabric
- Loves solid colours

Fashion matters a lot to Taurus natives. You like to stand out from the crowd. Be it wearing trendy necklaces with block heel boots or be it sneakers, you wear it all! This only shows your fashion sense. Colours like white, saffron, light blue, yellow always attract you.

Taurus’ Style
- Loves stand-out bold fashion
- Followers of the new style
- You like to go beyond the traditional

Leo sign people have leadership qualities and for you, fashion accessories should also match that trait. Bright handbags, sneakers or long boots suit your personality. You love the splash of vibrant colours. Think yellow, saffron, maroon handbags! This enhances the personality of the lions.

Leo’s Style
- Always experimenting
- Bold colours
- Colors that suit your style

You love to wear new clothes and accessories, but always take care of your comfort. Staying traditional is like a fashion trend for you. Classic loafers and a blue or light green coloured crossbody bag are perfect for Capricorn natives. A straight design bracelet will be perfect for you.

Capricorn’s Style
- Seeing your own comfort over a new fashion
- Loves to stay traditional
- Simple and sophisticated

You always try to stay in your style. However, when it comes to new fashion trends, earth-toned handbags and shoes can be a great fashion fit for you. Earth, maroon and brown colour accessories are loved by Scorpio natives.

Scorpio’s Style
- Stays original
- Whatever you like is your fashion
- Prefers to stick to the traditional style

Handbags, shoes, bracelets and long earrings will enhance your style. However, Pisces natives need to be very careful in terms of colour choice. Use a short handbag instead of a crossbody bag. Light and dark golden colour will suit you very much. A broad bracelet would up your style quotient.

Pisces’ Style
- Love to experiment with colours and prints
- Matching nail paint
- Eye-catching silhouette on clothes

You always like to be attractive, but you don’t adopt a new look until others have adopted it. Bright coloured handbags, thick necklaces and printed pointed shoes are perfect for you. With this style, Gemini natives will become the centre of attraction amongst all.

Gemini's Style
- Ready for classic and vintage fashion too
- Not much experimentation with colours
- Going straight to flat fashion

Always been crazy about traditional fashion. You are never ashamed to adopt a retro look. You like golden coloured sneakers a lot. Pearl or gemstone pendants, necklaces and statement handbags are a must-have in your accessories. These things don't let Virgo natives go out of fashion.

Virgo’s Style
- Trust your personal style
- Unprepared for new things
- You keep the old fashion in trend

Your look is timeless and classic and you know better how to keep it on-trend with accessories. Sagittarius natives can be recognized from afar with printed shoes, plain outfits and colourful handbags. Gold cuffs will also suit your style.

Sagittarius’ Style
- Easy going with new trends
- Not rigid in choice of colours
- Ready for trendy silhouettes too

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