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The digital revolution has made our lives easier in so many ways. Businesses are turning to tech to streamline the customer experience, developing user-friendly apps that can perform a range of functions with just a tap of a button. Ironically, this has created a new problem—there are too many apps! This is especially true for more complex situations like managing money, where customers might have to deal with separate apps for online payments, budgeting, investments, and so on. If you’ve ever felt frustrated about needing to toggle between multiple apps just to get through basic tasks, you’re definitely not alone.

OCBC Digital keeps your finances simple with a single fuss-free platform that lets you manage investments—and much more besides. With the OCBC Digital app, you can oversee and grow your wealth in an efficient and straightforward manner. Whether you’re hoping to keep track of current investments or discover new opportunities to diversify your portfolio, OCBC Digital lets you do it all in one place. Download the OCBC Digital app to gain access to your choice of investment products, be it Unit Trusts, Equities, Forex, Gold and Silver, and RoboInvest. The app also features real-time monitoring, so you can stay informed and manage transactions conveniently from the couch or on the go.

You can rely on the OCBC Digital app to make your day-to-day banking easy too. Go walletless and simply scan the OCBC QR code at islandwide ATMs using the app to check account balances and withdraw cash. Need help with budgeting? OCBC Digital lets you track your expenditure and automate savings. You can also seek expert financial advice via the app and enjoy seamless cash loan and credit card approvals. By making all of these services available on one hassle-free platform, OCBC gives you the convenience and flexibility you need to manage your money effectively.

Declutter your smartphone with OCBC Digital—manage it all with just one app.

This content was produced in partnership with OCBC

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