Weekly Forecast-2012: 25th Nov to 01st Dec

Aries: You will be inundated in work involving both your work and your job, but far from getting exasperated and fatigued, you tend to enjoy being occupied all the time. Ganesha says the best part is that whatever you do, you do it wholeheartedly, and will excel at it. There may be a health problem in the extended family, and your services may be required in tending to him/her. There may also be some unexpected differences regarding land, property, etc. But you will be at your mature best while resolving it to the satisfaction of all the parties involved. If you do manage to get some excitement, it will be from children.

The time has now come to carry your projects forward to a logical conclusion, because the deadlines are nearing. These could be projects that you started months ago, and now need only the final touches. Ganesha assures you that despite the fact that you are in the midst of the festival season, you will work hard on the professional front to successfully complete all your tasks. Fortunately, your health and energy levels are good, so that will not be a concern even if you have to log in extra hours. Even things on the personal front need some fine tuning, the resolution of some trivial problems that have been lingering for some time now.

Ganesha foresees success for you this week in the new, trail-blazing project that you are about to undertake. It is likely to be related to new-age media technology, and both your creativity and zeal will be appreciated by one and all. You will get down to this task with your full focus and work very hard to accomplish it. Another thing which is in store for you this week is a rather unorthodox relationship with a person twice your age – or the other way round. It is unlikely to be an amorous relationship, but nevertheless it will be very intimate and the age difference will count for little. You are both likely to learn a great deal from it.

Cancer: You don't really feel satisfied with your performance during the year as you sit down to take stock of circumstances. You may find yourself repenting on the lost opportunities, so as the new year begins, you will resolve to take the bull by its horns, be a go-getter, and grab every opportunity that comes your way. Your mind will be occupied with matters such as career, your social prestige, your domestic life, and even things like religion and spirituality. You realise that domestic harmony is vital for efficient professional performance, and vice versa, so you will stay alert and avoid doing or saying anything that can disrupt harmony, whether at home or office.

As the year draws to an end, instead of your spirits soaring in anticipation of celebrations, you feel drained of all your energies after the hard labour you have put in during the year. Even now the work pressures are too high, and it may be very depressing that you are unable to tackle them satisfactorily. Ganesha advises you to do something to enhance your energy levels, such as taking dietary supplements or doing yoga, exercises, or meditation. To add to your distress, your marital disputes may have reached a stage where it has become necessary to terminate the relationship. Try to let bygones be bygones and prepare to begin the new year on a fresh slate.

: Ganesha predicts that you will be in a very optimistic mood this week and everyone you meet will take away a very positive impression about you. Some of them may propose a joint venture, which is likely to turn out to be successful because you have good reasoning and logical skills and make a good team worker. You anyway have to start making plans for the new year, so you would be advised to grab any such opportunity that comes your way. You will be so keen to make fast progress and will move ahead with such pace that people around you will be dazzled. On the home front, there is likely to be a wedding in the family.

Libra: There seems to be no let-up in work and work-related activities, although you desperately feel like taking a break and enjoying with your friends. Professionals may look forward to prosperous times ahead, while businessmen are likely to expand their operations. However, Ganesha says you will have to put in a lot of hard work to achieve all your goals. You will probably even have to take some calculated risks, and travel a lot to propagate your business. You will be able to strike a fine balance between work and your desire to enjoy life. Collaborations are likely, even on the personal front, which means marriage, or a romantic relationship, is distinctly on the cards.

: This week you will yearn to take a break, because you seem to be fed up with the hectic pace of life in recent month, during which you have achieved a lot. You wish to contemplate about your inner motives, what is it that drives you, etc., and will be filled with gratitude for the Almighty for the blessings he has bestowed on you. You have options – you could head off to the foothills of the Himalayas to meditate, or you could seek refuge in a naturopathy centre to rejuvenate yourself. However, Ganesha advises you to keep it short, and return soon because you need to make plans for the new year, during which momentous changes are expected.

Your optimistic approach to life will keep you going and as it fetches you rewards and makes your loved ones happy, your positivity will only grow. And, Ganesha says, the happy state of affairs at home will have a direct bearing on your performance at your workplace. Your professional progress will be steady. You are strong on your reserves of information and knowledge, proficient skills and even judicious attitude. Financial matters are likely to take precedence, such as loans, investments and joint accounts. However, your investments will more likely be on the business side so that you can expand the scope of your earnings. You will spend to provide your loved ones the good things of life.


Your determination is strong and energy levels high, a potent combination for success. You have decided on a course of action, and will pursue it relentlessly until your work is done. It is the kind of  intense single-mindedness that draws plaudits from everyone around you. You may be given more authority, your co-workers will look up to you for advise, and even financially your inflow is likely to increase. There will be progress on the professional front, and stability on the domestic front. Ganesha says you will get many new opportunities to either expand your existing business or to even start a new project. You will feel happy and content, but be careful about over-spending.

Aquarius: Your life's focus will now be on your personal affairs, especially on pandering to the desires of your loved ones. Ganesha says that the reason is that now you lay more stress on giving love and being loved, as you may be fed up of situations in which neither you nor your talents are appreciated. You want to be appreciated for what you are, rather than putting in futile efforts into being what people expect you to be. You will shed all your pretences, be yourself, and will find that your close associates actually like it that way, which will give you immense happiness, and also a deep sense of security that people whom you love reciprocate the emotion.

Pisces: This will be an energetic week and you will forge ahead with great zest. You will make progress in all spheres – power, finances and progress will all be yours. Ganesha says the stars are conspiring in your favour, and you will get the much needed love and support from your family members, friends and relatives. On the professional front, you will now reap the benefits of your past labours. Romance, too, is on the cards, and you will experience true love, the highest of all emotions in which you are totally oblivious of yourself or your interests and just concerned about the happiness and well being of the person you love to the exclusion of everything else.