Deathground is the Jurassic Park survival horror game you didn’t know you wanted

 Deathground appearing in the Future Games Show Gamescom 2023 showcase
Deathground appearing in the Future Games Show Gamescom 2023 showcase

Dinosaur-themed survival horror game Deathground gets a new gameplay trailer revealing even more grisly detail and a look at the monstrous raptors you’ll be looking to avoid.

Deathground pits you as the prey as you’ve got to complete objectives and escape a facility overrun with viscous raptors and potentially some even bigger dinosaurs that are hunting you down. Jaw Drop Games has been developing the squad-based, dino-horror game since it was funded via Kickstarter back in July 2020.

Since then, several images and trailers have been shared, showing the progress of the game, including its atmospheric lighting and ruined environments crafted in Unreal Engine 5. However, this Future Games Show August Showcase trailer gives the best look at the game yet.

In classic Jurassic Park fashion, the scientists in these labs were clearly so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that they didn't stop to think if they should, and now you’ve got to deal with their mess, alone or with friends. Deathground can be played in squads of up to three players or solo if you’re brave enough. Each player gets to pick their own unique character class equipped with tools and traits that’ll help with completing objectives that are critical to your escape.

Teamwork is essential if you want to stay alive but the unpredictable nature of the AI dinosaurs prowling the place mean your plans probably won’t survive beyond first contact. Feathered raptors use their speed, stealth, and senses to hunt you down, so stealth is crucial to avoid their attention – we’ve got no idea how you’ll deal with the T-Rex stomping around though. Procedurally generated elements and dynamic objectives join the dynamic dinosaurs, making Deathground a highly replayable survival horror experience. Hold onto your butts!

Jaw Drop Games haven’t revealed a release date for Deathground yet, but you can still wishlist the game on Steam and follow Deathground on Twitter to keep up to date with development.

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