Death of Ukrainian military aide prompts investigation; Suspicions of Russian involvement surface

Grenades that Colonel Timchenko presented to Chastyakov
Grenades that Colonel Timchenko presented to Chastyakov

Major Hennadiy Chastyakov, a former aide to Ukraine’s Chief Commander of the Armed Forces, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, tragically lost his life on Nov. 6 in an incident that has raised suspicions of foul play.

Chastyakov’s death has ignited an investigation, with both the police and military authorities working diligently to uncover the circumstances surrounding the incident.

In an interview with Radio NV on Nov. 7, Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Ukrainian military’s Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR), expressed his condolences and highlighted the ongoing investigation into the tragedy.

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“First and foremost, it is a tragedy, of course. And what is the cause of this tragedy? The investigation is ongoing,” said Yusov.

“I am confident that it will be conducted with the utmost thoroughness because there is considerable attention to this event, and public oversight will be present.”

“We will receive comprehensive answers to all questions,” he said, adding that Russia is trying to carry out similar crimes on the territory of Ukraine.

“The enemy is trying and will continue to attempt various diversions, attempts on lives. Work to counter such intentions is being carried out. As for this specific situation, we must wait for the results of the investigation,” said Yusov.

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General Zaluzhnyi confirmed the death of his aide. Chastyakov is survived by his wife and four children. Chastyakov’s 13-year-old son sustained severe injuries in the explosion and has been hospitalized.

The incident unfolded when Chastyakov brought home a gift bag containing what he believed were novelty glasses shaped like grenades. According to Chastyakov’s wife, an explosion occurred when the bag was opened.

Chastyakov had taken the grenades as a joke, unaware that they were live ammunition, sources in law enforcement told NV. Chastyakov himself pulled the pin from one of the grenades, which led to the explosion, they added.

The individual who gifted the basket to Chastyakov was Colonel Andriy Timchenko, the sources said.

Timchenko has since released a statement that he personally assembled the gift basket, which included a bottle of whiskey and six grenades. His account has been corroborated by three witnesses who were present when he presented the gift to Chastyakov.

The police have initiated an investigation into the death and the careless handling of ammunition.

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