'Death Stranding' showcases cinematic trailer, gameplay, poster imagery at Tokyo Game Show

A seven-minute trailer and 50 minutes' worth of "Death Stranding" gameplay footage was debuted at the Tokyo Game Show ahead of a well-anticipated November 8 release on PlayStation 4.

The "Death Stranding" Briefing trailer introduced two leading characters to fans of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, those being United Cities of America's captured president-in-waiting, Amelie, and one of her colleagues at network connections company Bridges, the masked Die-Hardman.

[Death Stranding - Briefing trailer: youtu.be/AwuPIgIsqyI]

The seven-minute video lends both detail and mystery to the world of "Death Stranding," as envisioned by Hideo Kojima, the creator of iconic video game series "Metal Gear Solid."

Accompanied by a rainbow motif, Amelie is both president of the Bridges organization and daughter of the current President of the United Cities of America in "Death Stranding."

Modelled on "The Bionic Woman" actress Lindsay Wagner, Amelie is voiced by Emily O'Brien of video games "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" and "Apex Legends."

Die-Hardman is played by Tommie Earl Jenkins, of The CW network's sci-fi "Pandora" (as well as children's animated show "Go Jetters").

Sam, an employee tasked with activating beacons, ferrying cargo, and reconnecting cities in a land enveloped by paranormal incidents, is played by Norman Reedus of "The Walking Dead," "Triple 9" and "The Boondock Saints."

Other cast members of the high-profile video game include Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Margaret Qualley.

The TGS trailer deals with the question of why Reedus's character, Sam, is being sent on a mission, and the nature of his relationship with Amelie, Die-Hardman, and the Bridges organization.

Sony's PlayStation division, which is Kojima Productions' distribution partner for the PlayStation 4 exclusive, also had Kojima present nearly 50 minutes of gameplay from the November 8 release.

Kojima provided Japanese-language commentary and, subsequently, the English-language PlayStation Blog highlighted nine aspects of the gameplay slice.

Those included ways in which journey preparation, rest and recuperation, contact with other players, encounters with paranormal entities, and themes of social reconstruction come to impact on the "Death Stranding" experience.

PlayStationJapan at TGS 2019: Death Stranding Gameplay Session 1 (starts at 5h39m32s)

Kojima Productions is to present a second gameplay session showcase on September 14, 4pm to 4:50pm local time from the 2019 Tokyo Game Show, and a voice actors' panel on September 15 from 4pm to 4.50pm local time featuring the game's Japanese-language voice cast.