'The Death Cure' interview: Dylan O'Brien says Thomas Brodie-Sangster ditched him at an airport (exclusive)

Hanna Flint

Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster are on the press tour for the final instalment of the Maze Runner franchise and London was their most recent pit-stop.

It marked a return home for Thomas who was born and raised in the English capital, but sadly for Dylan the Londoner did not offer him a tour.

The American actor told Yahoo Movies UK all about it on Monday at The Death Cure press junket.

“We got in yesterday, at like eleven or something, and since I had to go through American customs he got through sooner, and got to the car outside the airport,” Dylan explained. “I got a text from him when I got out of the airport saying ‘hey man, sorry I already got through into the car. I’ll see you tomorrow!’

Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster talk to Yahoo Movies UK

“I was like ‘guess we’re not hanging out today! Still got plenty of time, man, it’s only 11am! The day’s still young, you wanna recharge? link up later?'”

The co-stars will be wanting to spend as much time together as possible as this movie marks the end of an era for the cast. They began their Maze Runner journey in May 2013 – Dylan taking the lead as Thomas and Thomas playing fellow Glader Newt – so have just under five years of friendship under their belts.

Though they are under no delusion that working together, all of them together, is a likely option.

“We may not get any jobs ever again,” Dylan said. “We talk about it all the time about how cool it would be to work with each other. It’s tough to know, obviously it will never be in this capacity all of us together. Unless it does happen which I think would be kind of odd.”

“It would be odd,” Thomas added.

Dylan and Thomas play Thomas and Newt, respectively, in ‘The Death Cure’ (20th Century Fox)

Yahoo Movies UK suggested that maybe they could be in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV reboot but Dylan was unconvinced with his ability to join Tolkien’s fantasy world.

“I should not be in that, I would not be good,” he said, though Thomas suggested his co-star might make a good orc.

The two actors also revealed what they kept from the movie as a keepsake.

“I got a jacket, my fluffy collar jacket,” Thomas explained. “It’s cool and it still has the rip in the back where the harness went through. It’s kind of cool and kind of annoying.”

“I kept anything that I killed my friend characters with,” Dylan said.

We’re pretty sure he’s joking.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure is in cinemas on Friday January 26

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