'Dear Labia': The Hong Kong experimental art show celebrating vulvas

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The immersive exhibition Dear Labia celebrates the vulva in Hong Kong.

Three female entrepreneurs have taken on the challenge of breaking down taboos surrounding the vulva through an experimental art event, running November 25 to December 8 in Hong Kong. It's an immersive experience featuring workshops, art installations, photos and discussions, all seeking to celebrate this part of the body, as well as female sexual pleasure.

In the third season of "Sex Education," Aimee Gibbs talks to Jean Milburn about her complexes regarding the shape of her vulva. The sexologist then recommends a website that highlights all kinds of vulvas -- a site that really exists, by the way ( All Vulvas Are Beautiful ) -- helping to break down the taboos surrounding this part of the body. Now, an art show in Hong Kong is, in some way, adding its contribution to the subject, with an immersive exhibition initiated by three young female entrepreneurs, opening at the end of November.

Vera Lui Wing-hang, sex educator and founder of sex toy platform Sally Coco, teamed up with Patricia and Lisa Lam, the creators of local kombucha brand Taboocha, to organize this experimental art show entirely dedicated to the vulva and to female sexual pleasure. All this is taking place in the district of Sheung Wan in Hong Kong. Over several days, men and women will be able to participate in practical workshops, and discover vulva pictures and artistic installations to help fight certain stereotypes and help women to accept their body without fear of judgement.

"By curating 'Dear Labia' we hope to create a safe space for women to explore these sensitive topics in a supportive and judgement free environment, where they can freely express and share intimate thoughts & experiences," explain the three organizers on the event website . Beyond the desire to break down certain taboos, the initiative is about starting a conversation on a sensitive subject that often makes women -- and men -- feel uncomfortable.

During the two-week event, the public will be able to attend talks and discussions about the vulva and about female sexual pleasure, as well as all kinds of workshops. These events will notably focus on talking about the body, ways of seeing it, and celebrating its diversity. Solo workshops will also be offered, from meditation sessions to making vulva plaster casts, while others will be aimed at couples wishing to (re)connect with their partner.

For more information visit: Dearlabia.com .

Christelle Pellissier

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