The new Dead By Daylight game is designed to attract brand-new players

 Masked shadowy villain looks back toward the camera
Masked shadowy villain looks back toward the camera

Multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight is expanding its universe with two new spin-offs. One of those is in early development at Supermassive Games, the studio behind narrative horror hits such as Until Dawn, The Quarry, and The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Supermassive’s mysterious project will be a single-player, narrative-driven horror game set in the same universe as Dead by Daylight. In the announcement video, Supermassive’s executive producer Traci Tufte says: "We’ve been working hard to blunt the tension, agency, and branching storytelling of a Supermassive game together with Dead by Daylight‘s mythology." Tufte continues to say that the studio’s signature "life or death" choices will be a big part of this upcoming adventure. The game will be set beyond the Entity’s realm and takes a new cast of characters outside the fog's reach for an "unprecedented experience."

Dead By Daylight’s original developer, Behaviour Interactive, aims to attract new and lapsed fans with this collaboration. "We’ll be giving players more ways into the fog than ever before," says the studio’s vice president Stephen Mulrooney, "even if you’re completely new to the world." That’s in line with the studio’s recent moves which is giving us a Dead by Daylight movie adaptation, currently in production at Blumhouse. The production company is responsible for other horror films including Get Out and Megan, making that a natural collaboration.

Behaviour Interactive also announced one more spin-off based on Dead by Daylight which is in early development at subsidiary Midwinter Entertainment. The second spin-off will be a four-player co-op experience that tackles themes of "greed and lust," although we’ll need to wait a while longer before we hear any more concrete details.

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