Dayo Wong regains confidence to do more movies

13 Mar – No longer a "box office poison", Hong Kong actor-comedian Dayo Wong admitted that he has now regained self-confidence for making more movies in the future.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who appeared at an event celebrating the success of his new movie "Agent Mr. Chan" for passing the HKD 40 million mark recently, shared that he didn't expect that the movie would be such a hit.

"Initially, I thought that I would no longer be a box office poison if the movie hit the HKD 10 million mark. But then it surpassed HKD 20 million [and so on], and I was over the moon," he said.

When asked if the result has made up for his past failures, Dayo said that he is happy, though he wasn't ashamed of his past movies, including the 2002 box office bomb, "Fighting to Survive".

As to whether there will be a sequel to the movie, Dayo said that it would be up to the producers.

(Photo source: ST Headline)