Dayo Wong gains new support for CNY movie

16 Jan – After his previous clarification regarding his new Lunar New Year film, "The Grand Grandmaster", Dayo Wong has suddenly earned the love of the Hong Kong public - mainly the supporters of the Hong Kong independence movement.

As reported on Mingpao, earlier this week the actor-comedian took to social media to deny allegations that his new movie is co-produced with a mainland studio, saying that he sold his own property in order to make a movie that is purely Hong Kong and would not succumb to Chinese censorship.

Following his explanation, the number of views on the official trailer has suddenly exceeded one million, garnering more than 70,000 likes.

Dayo also became a trending topic on social media. Although many previously questioned the comedian's own political stance due to his silence on the current social movement, his recent confession convinced many that he is indeed a "true Hong Kong citizen".

This has also prompted many of the supporters of the Hong Kong protests to express their support for Dayo, planning to watch the movie when it's released in cinemas. Some even planned to buy 50 tickets to support the comedian, while others suggested of sponsoring a private show.

One of these supporters is Democratic Party's District Councilor Roy Kwong, who went on Facebook to say that he would look forward to watching the movie and recommending his friends to do the same.

(Photo Source: Ulifestyle HK)