Dayme Announces Release of Her Latest Single ‘Just Sayin’ Coming This Fall

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Fans of acclaimed singer/songwriter Dayme were stunned last weekend when on an Instagram live chat, Dayme announced that her new single “Just Sayin’” is officially going to drop this fall. Dayme became well known amongst some of the biggest stars in music when she was featured on several massive singles and released her own music as well.

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Some of her most notable work includes appearing on Jay-Z’s hit song “Izzo” where she sang that song’s iconic hook and has worked with Enrique Inglesias as well. She then found success with her own singles “Cuz It Hurts”, “Leather and Whip Cream” and “Rock Star”.

Fans all over Dayme’s social media and members of the press have likened Dayme’s style to that of Lana Del Rey, Stevie Nicks and even gets Jim Morrison when she sings in her deeper raspy voice. She earned her official rockstar status after touring all over Europe and the US since the early 2000’s.

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Dayme is one of those rare artists that does not cave in to what’s trending musically. Her fans are ride or die, following Dayme on a journey that is exciting and completely unpredictable! She has really captured fans with her entrepreneurial pursuits as of late. Shortly after her fame from her first hit singles, Dayme launched her own handbag line “Baby D” which consistently sold out in stores like Nordstrom, Fred Segal, HSN and high profile boutique stores all over the world.

Today, Dayme is the CEO of ‘Dayme Cosmetics’ and has shown her rockstar glam is wildly popular. Recently Dayme launched her “Dream Glitter Lip Kit” which has been received with high praise from her thousands of enthusiastic fans and customers on social media and has already sold out of several shades.

According to our sources, Dayme’s upcoming single “Just Sayin’” is said to be tied to a massive global campaign for some of her products. Seems par for the course for Dayme, who is consistently hosting pop ups and throwing massive events around Los Angeles promoting her products and meeting her fans face to face. At these events Dayme makes custom lip glosses, glitter kits and bath salts for customers right on the spot, giving them their own personalized Dayme Cosmetics package.

Dayme’s fans love her energy and how passionate she is about her business. Dayme even became a licensed cosmetologist so she could formulate many of her own products, including the color customizations of her wildly popular collection of lip glosses.


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