All day, every Monday, ultra cheap 70-cent unlimited boat noodles

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monday madness 70 cent boat noodles

Bukit Panjang is a rather ulu part of Singapore for someone like me who stays in the North. I find no reason travelling there unless I really need to.

But now there is one reason to! It occurs every Monday at The Original Boat Noodle that is located at Bukit Panjang Plaza— unlimited 70-cent boat noodles all-day, no terms and conditions.

Calling it their Monday Madness promotion, you get to savour as many bowls of boat noodles that your stomach can fit.

boat noodles

The Original Boat Noodles offer four kinds of boat noodles, namely Ayutthaya, Creamy Tomyum, Pathumthani and Sweet Kuey Chap.

AyutthayaRich and mildly spicy. The fusion of the 10 finest herbs, various spices and coconut milk create a flavourful creamy dark broth.

Creamy TomyumAn appetising hot and sour soup that is light and creamy, created with the perfect harmony of lemongrass, red chilli and lime. It comes topped with crispy golden wanton skin.

PatumthaniA spicy and sour dark soy sauce broth that contains 19 selected herbs, flavoured mainly with star anise, cinnamon sticks and five spice powder.

Sweet Kuey Chap A sweet broth made with aromatic herbs, palm sugar and spices. It is topped with golden fried tofu and boiled egg.

Each variety lets you choose between their springy noodles or my personal favourite, their rice noodles. In addition, they also come in beef or chicken options.

boat noodles

If you do your math, there are actually 16 different kinds of combinations you can get. For 70 cents a bowl, this is an offer that is so hard to resist.

With the recent long waits for passport renewal and the sky-high prices for air tickets to Thailand, I am sure some of you cannot wait to get your boat noodle fix in the quickest amount of time.

Why not make your way down to Bukit Panjang Plaza next Monday? I’m sure the journey would be worth travelling for.

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