David Tao denies new song is about wife's miscarriage

3 Jan – Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao has recently denied rumours that his wife Penny Jiang had a miscarriage.

As reported on Mingpao, speculations about the miscarriage sparked recently, when David released his new song, "Mars Baby", which has lyrics like "You were in front of me, but then you disappear so far" and "Tell me why you're refusing to see me".

Many believed that the title itself might actually be about a baby that the couple had lost.

When asked about it, David's camp clarified that the song was not about any particular personal issue, and that the lyrics are meant to encourage listeners to move forward and not get discouraged when chasing their dreams.

David, who is now married for three years, recently revealed that he and his wife are trying their best to have a baby, and that they hope to have three children.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)