David Beckham knew 2000s photoshoot with David LaChapelle was 'risky'

David Beckham

David Beckham knew his photoshoot with David LaChapelle in 2002 was risky but was comfortable with the racy pictures.

The world-famous soccer star, who played for clubs including Manchester United, Real Madrid, and L.A. Galaxy during his 21-year career, appeared on the cover of GQ magazine and in an accompanying spread more than 17 years ago.

In one picture, Beckham is depicted sporting a pair of denim shorts and knee-high white socks with his torso covered in oil, while in another, he's wearing a fake leopard print shawl.

Now, he has opened up about the photoshoot in a new interview with GQ and emphasised that he has no regrets over the images.

"To go that far, as I did, I look back at it now and I think, 'Wow. I really did that.' Even one of my sons came up to me recently and was like, 'Really, Dad? Really?' So, yeah, it was quite risky at the time," the 44-year-old shared. "I think I just felt comfortable. When someone asks if you want to wear a little pair of denim shorts and a pair of knee-high socks and then put oil all over your chest and paint a stripe on your hair, you’ve got to be comfortable with that. I always knew the pictures would work.”

And the father-of-four, who is married to Victoria Beckham, wanted the pictures to show his critics that he wasn't bound by gender stereotypes.

"The fact that I was doing things like the GQ shoot was kind of saying, 'It’s all right to do this and I’m comfortable with it. So, you could be too. What’s the problem?' There have been many times when people have taken issue with what I’ve worn, but I simply don’t care. It’s never fazed me. It never made me sit back and think, ‘Well, maybe I shouldn’t do that next time.’ There is literally no photoshoot I regret. Not one," Beckham insisted.

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