DART specialists execute daring high crane rescue, saving stranded worker’s life

In a high-stakes operation, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) firefighters and specially trained Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) personnel successfully rescued a worker who was stranded atop a towering 40-meter crane earlier today.

The incident unfolded at 71A Tuas Nexus Drive, underscoring the vital role of emergency responders in safeguarding lives.

The Dramatic Rescue

At approximately 2:25pm, emergency services received a distress call from a construction site where a worker, perched high above the ground on a crane, reported feeling unwell and unable to descend safely. Without hesitation, a team of four DART specialists, renowned for their expertise in high-altitude rescues, sprang into action.

Scaling the towering structure via a cat ladder, the DART team quickly reached the man who had taken refuge inside the crane cabin. With utmost precision, they deployed specialized height rescue equipment to secure the distressed worker onto a stretcher.

In a heart-pounding maneuver, one DART specialist voluntarily attached himself to the stretcher, ensuring the safety of the worker as they began their descent from the dizzying heights. Their coordinated efforts exemplified the dedication and fearlessness displayed by these elite responders.

Upon reaching solid ground, the rescued worker was promptly assessed by an SCDF paramedic to ensure his well-being. Subsequently, he was transported to the National University Hospital for further evaluation and medical attention.