Darren Wang denies involvement in Seungri's prostitution scandal

21 Mar – Darren Wang's camp has recently denied allegations that the Taiwanese actor is involved in the scandal surrounding BIG BANG's Seungri, who was recently booked under suspicion of supplying prostitutes.

As reported on Mingpao, Darren's rep recently released a statement of their own, following speculations that the actor has invested in Seungri's night club, as the two of them have been hanging out together as early as 2015.

It is noted that he was also spotted with Seungri at a Korean night club in January, according to a photo shared by netizens, alongside other Chinese stars including Kai Ko, and Chen Bolin.

Darren's statement read, "Rumours and speculations about the company's artiste Mr. Darren Wang have been circulating on the Internet recently, which has seriously affected the image and reputation of the company's artists, We hereby solemnly clarified: Our artiste Mr Darren Wang has nothing to do with the scandal involving Korean artist Li Seungri and we resolutely opposes and severely condemns all the wrongful acts that has been done!"

"We ask for the media, internet forums and everybody who spread the rumours to immediately stop the dissemination, release, and transmission of false news of the company's artistes.

"We also called upon the public not to believe in rumours. For those who continue to spread it, the company will not hesitate to take legal action to safeguard the rights of our artiste."

(Photo Source: Mingpao)