Darren Espanto enjoys working with Nik Qistina

19 Jun - Teen star Darren Espanto recently admitted that he enjoyed working with Malaysian singer Nik Qistina back in April, when they recorded two songs together.

As reported on Push, the singer who is currently promoting his new album, "Be With Me", shared that he still finds it amazing that two people from two different backgrounds could unite and make something amazing.

"I am really excited about this collaboration. I hope it will lead to more opportunities for me outside the Philippines," he said.

When asked how he made contact with Nik, who is known for her 2016 song "Young Hearts", Espanto said that they are both under the same record label, and that was how they were able to meet.

"We heard each other's songs and we recorded them. We just really liked the way we sounded together," he said.

Espanto also praised Nik for her good looks and admitted that they quickly became friends since they had been interacting with each other on social media.

"She's very chill but at the same time she's also playful and funny at times. And her passion for music as well. It's inspiring to others," he said.

Espanto recorded two songs with Nik, including the Malaysian singer's original song, "Young Hearts", and Espanto's own song, "My Baby and Me".

(Photo source: kapamilya.com)