Dario Roberts the FinTech Entrepreneur Who Is Redefining the Financial Services Industry

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Nothing beats a man who is passionate and determined about his destiny. The remark perfectly captures the story of every leader who refuses to give up their zeal in the face of adversity. Without submitting to cultural standards, a successful man forges his own way to the pinnacle of his intended success.

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Such is the story of Dario Roberts who is successfully bestowing financial assistance and services through his brainchildren bahabeach.com that has the exclusive rights for authorization, management, and deployment of exams through the PearsonVue / Certiport network for the entire Caribbean and VirSymCoin.

Currently, at an initial stage in the finance industry, VirSymCoin, is a financial platform built on the blockchain empowered by smart contracts. Not only does it function as a bank by providing regular banking services, like deposits, lending, cross-border payments, ATM/commode retirements, but also as a crypto-monetary trading scheme for both the corporate and consumers.

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VSC aims to address the shortcomings of the existing traditional financial system such as exorbitant charges, long transaction periods, territorial constraints, and monetary obstacles. It allows people to utilize fiat and cryptocurrencies in their daily transactions without having to worry about the technology behind them. This hybrid approach enables its consumers to employ blockchain technology while enjoying familiar and simple banking services.

Dario Roberts, a highly experienced FinTech entrepreneur serves as the CEO of this unique platform that was launched in 2018. With a team of accomplished professionals, Roberts has taken this fulfilling initiative to the next level under his leadership, acquiring mass recognition for employing proprietary Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) accompanied by 24/7 customer support.

In an interview, Roberts stated that "Many fintech startups prefer to make their monetary gains a priority which so threatens customers' interest. What may seem to be good for the client actually may not be the best financial investment plan for them? This together with my financial education and experience led me to begin upon a road of entrepreneurship, which would benefit not just my customers but society as a whole.”

To attest to the above statement, Roberts holds over 40 certifications in the computer and software engineering field in top applications such as Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco to name a few, and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Computer Science at Colorado Technical University.

At such a young age in his life, Roberts had acquired substantial education, as well as experience in the fintech industry. He also works as an independent consultant to world governments, presidents, royals, celebrities, and private corporations on the topics of trading, banking, and blockchain technology.

Lastly, when asked about his future plans, Roberts exclaimed that he is looking forward to further redefining the financial services sector through the use of blockchain as a serious component of currency transfer and the development with the expansion of VirSymCoin.

His north star is to bridging the gap between traditional financial systems and their 21-century post covid counterparts to ensure a more productive, fluid mechanism that serves everyone rather than a selected few. And to achieve that, he is diligently working towards redefining the value as a fiat vs crypto and also identifying which of these value systems may be used most efficiently by the economic sectors.

As the digital climate continues to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top of the FinTech industry. One thing is for sure, however the space changes, it is certain that Dario Roberts will be there, leading the charge.

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