Dapper Dan was 'too nervous' to meet Anna Wintour at Met Gala

Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan was "too nervous" to meet Anna Wintour at his very first Met Gala.

The Harlem-based couturier, real name Daniel Day, is known for pioneering streetwear in the 1980s and making bespoke garments for celebrities.

In recent years, Dan has formed a partnership with bosses at Gucci, and was thrilled when he was invited to attend the prestigious fashion event with the team in 2018 - though he was disappointed not to meet two style icons at the bash.

"The Met sealed the deal for me in terms of fashion," he said during a chat with Ashley Graham for her Pretty Big Deal podcast. "There was two people I wanted to meet. (Fashion journalist) Andre Leon Talley and, of course, the queen (U.S. Vogue editor-in-chief) Anna Wintour. If I could be acknowledged by the king and queen, that seals the deal. I messed up the first time, I was so nervous I didn't walk through the right door - I didn't get to shake her hand!"

Dan, who went on to indicate that he did get to introduce himself to Wintour at the 2019 Met Gala, explained that he was happy to have the support of Graham because he was not used to being in such a star-studded environment.

"You called me from the party, made sure I was alright. I was in a strange land," the 75-year-old recalled. "I'm standing there and it's just me, Marco Bizzarri - the CEO of Gucci - and that's a big deal for me. And so, I'm looking around, the Kardashians are back there, Madonna's over there, and I'm (thinking), 'Wait a minute, am I in the right line?' I couldn't believe what was happening. It was a very big deal."

Elsewhere in the chat, Graham thanked Dan for allowing her to have a hands-on approach when co-designing her look for this year's event. And the veteran trendsetter insisted that he has always had the same viewpoint when it comes to collaborating.

"I see fashion as primarily something that's transformative. Not just transformative coming from me, but to be able to transform people that I dress," he smiled.

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