Daniel Craig 'incredibly proud' to be an immigrant in the U.S

Daniel Craig

British actor Daniel Craig is "incredibly proud" to call himself an immigrant living in America.

The 51-year-old screen star, who lives in New York with his wife, British actress Rachel Weisz, was asked about his citizenship status by reporters at the Los Angeles premiere of his new movie Knives Out on Thursday night, and Daniel responded by saying the situation regarding immigrants in the United States "needs to be discussed" more.

"Everybody in this country's an immigrant," he told People. "That's what the country's built upon. We can't forget it. We can't just dismiss it, but it's difficult, and it takes thought, and it takes smart people thinking about it instead of dividing people along party lines - and also along this anger that kind of builds up.

"It needs to be discussed, and that's hard. Good things are hard to do. I'm incredibly proud to be part of this, to have an American passport and call myself an immigrant in this country."

Concluding, Daniel said: "I'm part of an amazing period in history that created this country and I'm proud to be a part of it."

Meanwhile, Daniel also addressed rumours that he's being lined up to direct the next James Bond film, after stepping away from his role as the suave spy after the upcoming No Time to Die.

Hitting back at the claims, the father-of-two sighed: "For God's sake, no! I want to come home, eat something and then go to bed. If you're a director, then at night you're still with the producers, screenwriters on the phone... and then after two hours of sleep, you have to go back up to the set. No thanks!"

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