Dani Barretto laughs at Kardashians comparison

Heidi Hsia

18 Nov– Dani Barretto couldn't help but laugh when mentioned that her family drama is second only to that of the Kardashians.

As reported on Push, the vlogger, who was asked about the recent conflict surrounding her mother Marjorie and aunts Gretchen and Claudine, joked that they are worse than those of reality TV stars.

"We're more dramatic than they are. But then I don't really know if that's a compliment, but at the end of the day, these are real-life issues, to be honest," she added.

However, Barretto stated that the whole family are now trying their best to move on from what happened, especially since it had been a difficult month that started with the loss of her grandfather, Miguel.

"It's actually his one month death anniversary so we're still grieving. But we're moving forward because I'm sure that's what he wants us to do," she said.

The social media influencer also admitted that the conflict between her mother and her two sisters has also made her more wary about the use of social media, and that she would rather keep her family safe and away from the drama.

(Photo Source: Dani Barretto Instagram)