Dale Moss Only Signed Up for ‘The Bachelorette’ Because Clare Crawley Was the Lead

Starr Bowenbank
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Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

  • Dale Moss revealed he turned down The Bachelorette until he learned Clare Crawley was going to be on the show.

  • Clare’s appearance on Good Morning America sold Dale, and he signed up to be on the show just four days before the contestants left for filming.

It was pretty obvious from the moment Clare Crawley and Dale Moss met on The Bachelorette that they were destined to be together. But as it turns out, things could've ended up differently because Dale could have been on The Bachelorette waaay before he even met Clare.

During a recent episode of Raising the Bar With Alli and Adrian, Dale revealed that despite being nominated to appear on the show before, he didn’t feel compelled to join The Bachelorette until Clare was announced as the next Bachelorette.

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

“Now, I could have never planned what happened because I was nominated,” Dale said. ‘I never actually signed up. And I turned it down over and over and over again. And I actually finally committed to it four days before everyone was supposed to leave for the show. And the only reason I committed to it was because Clare was announced as Bachelorette at that time.”

After seeing Clare’s appearance during Good Morning America, Dale said he felt like he needed to meet her. “She was so confident and passionate about it,” he said. “And I know that she had been through this before, but I felt by watching her that this was her time and she was exactly where she was meant to be.”

And as they say—the rest is history. Dale and Clare are engaged and will hopefully tie the knot in the near future.

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