Dad Shares Genius Trick On How To Burp Your Baby On TikTok

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Babies can become fussy or cranky after feeds. This happens because they swallow a bit of air with the milk, which can make them uncomfortable. That’s why you need to make sure that you burp your baby after every feeding session.

However, this can be a tedious task at times and take a lot more time than you originally anticipated. Sometimes, you may even use multiple methods with little progress, much to your and the baby’s irritation.

Nevertheless, a dad on TikTok recently went viral for his genius baby burping trick that has caught the attention of the Internet.

Father to one-year-old Tory, “CEO of Chubby Cheeks” on TikTok, this dad has been sharing clips of his toddler’s growth and development ranging between haircuts and nap time.

Burp Your Baby Quickly With This Method

how to burp baby easily
how to burp baby easily

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In the video, the dad can be seen sharing his genius trick on how to burp baby easily. The video has since gone viral and has been watched over 380,000 times on the social media app.

In the video, Tory dad says, “This is the best method to make a baby burp. You just pick him up and look him right in the eyes and say, are you ready to burp, my friend?”

  • Demonstrating his burping trick, the dad placed Tory upright on his lap.

  • He makes an L-shape with his thumb and index finger.

  • He leans Tory forward and rests the toddler’s chin on the L.

  • The dad then gently pats the little one’s back.

Now, here’s the genius part…

The dad explains, “When you’re hitting on the back, don’t go too high on the back. Go a little bit low, just above his tailbone.” He further says, “It doesn’t have to be too hard. You can also give him a little bit of a rub on the back.”

The video then shows the dad rubbing little Tory’s back and the baby boy lets out a big belch much to his relief.

Satisfied with the results, the dad says, “Wow.”

Netizens Love This Burping Trick

The method has been loved by other parents and TikTok users. One person wrote, “It really works.”

Another user was in awe of cute little Tory as well as his dad. They wrote, “This baby is [a] whole other level of cute. This dad is a whole other level of genius.”

Another parent also described how badly they needed to learn this. They wrote, “I needed this more than anything.”

How To Burp Baby Easily

how to burp baby easily
how to burp baby easily

Image courtesy: iStock

When your baby is colicky, you may spend hours together trying to pacify the little one. Sometimes, it takes minutes to get them relieved, while the other times may feel like an eternal wait. Nevertheless, here’s all you need to know about burping your baby:

Why do you need to burp your baby?

It’s natural for babies to swallow air along with breast milk or formula. It’s unavoidable and ends up creating air bubbles that get trapped in the child’s stomach. This makes them full before they complete their food, while also make them uncomfortable.

That’s why this excess air needs to be removed from the tummy so the little one can have a full meal, necessary for their growth.

Babies may show discomfort during the feeding process, and you may have to burp them right away. Otherwise, you can wait for the halfway mark and do it to be on the safe side. Babies also tend to puke due to the discomfort caused by the trapped air in their stomachs.

Types Of Burping Positions

Burping your baby is effective in these four ways. You can try each of these to see which one works for you:

  1. On your shoulder: The most common and safe way to burp your baby easily. Hold your baby on your shoulder. Support them from the bottom with one hand, and pat or rub their back with the other hand till they burp.

  2. Face-down: Place your baby by her stomach across your lap. Her tummy will be on one of your legs, while her head on the other leg. Make sure to support her head with one hand and rub or pat her back with the other.

  3. Sitting upright: Place your baby in a seated position on your lap like they are sitting on a chair. Lean them slightly forward and support their head and chest with one arm. Use the other hand to pat or rub the back.

  4. Walking: Once your baby’s neck is strong enough, you can hold them upright in front of you, while you walk across the room. Make sure to hold them firmly with one hand under the bottom and the other across the tummy to apply slight pressure. This may just help remove the trapped air from the tummy.

How To Burp Baby In 5 Steps

how to burp baby easily
how to burp baby easily

Image Source: Unsplash

Here’s how to burp baby easily in five steps:

  1. Place your baby in any of the aforementioned positions halfway through feeding.

  2. Give a gentle pat or rub on the left side of the baby’s back where the tummy is.

  3. Continue the action till the baby lets out a belch.

  4. You can do it with a slightly firmer hand if you don’t get results after a couple of minutes.

  5. Make sure to always place a burp cloth bib between you and the baby to avoid soiling your clothes.

When should you burp your baby?

  1. When breastfeeding, you can burp your by when switching from one breast to another

  2. For babies having formula milk, burp them at least once through the halfway mark or after every two to three ounces.

  3. If your baby is refusing milk after having less than the usual quantity, try burping them to make space for more milk in their tummy.

While burping is the norm for all babies, it may be possible that your little one doesn’t swallow too much air and simply doesn’t need to be burped too often. At the same time, some babies can also pass gas easily and need to be burped like other babies. If your baby isn’t troubled by gas pains, you have nothing to worry about.


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