Dad Posts Touching Tribute To His Firstborn After Missing Her Birth Due To Malaysia Lockdown

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Witnessing the birth of a child is a monumental affair for every parent, especially when it comes to a firstborn. Being able to meet the little one that is half of each parent after a gruelling 9 months for the first time, is an experience a parent can never fully express in words—because it is just so overwhelming.

And it is with “a heavy heart” that a Malaysian dad, Jack Daniel, missed this opportunity.

“I missed the opportunity to help my wife during her hardest time and failed to be her side during the most historical time of our marriage life. I still wouldn’t be able to see my baby girl for the next few weeks.”

Father Misses Birth of His Firstborn 

According to Daniel in a recent Facebook post, he had been separated from his wife and unborn baby in Malaysia due to work commitments in Singapore, following the lockdown in Malaysia to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: Jack Daniel / Facebook

Daniel mentioned in his post that his wife was in her third trimester. So when he received news of the lockdown, it only intensified his worry. 

His wife had started to experience labour pains and was brought to the hospital on the evening of 21 March. She was later transferred from Hospital Sungai Siput to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun after a high heartbeat rate in his baby was observed. 

Precautions against the COVID-19 outbreak were carried out without exceptions. 

“No one was allowed to go inside the labour room due to the COVID19 outbreak. We were informed [that] even if I (the husband) would not be allowed inside,” wrote Daniel.

And that is in line with why Daniel decided to stay in Singapore, instead of rushing to meet the family after receiving the good news. 

He explained: “I’m locking myself from going out from Singapore due to this COVID19 outbreak. I don’t want my family members to be infected. I decided to stay because I care.”

Being a dad for the first time, while being away from his loved ones definitely put a toll on him as he said: “I have to endure all the pressure and tensions of becoming father for the first time virtually.”

Baby Girl Delivered Safely

Amid all the worries, Daniel said that his wife managed to pull through on her own, delivering a baby girl safely.

“Kudos to my wife and she managed everything alone inside by the grace of God, she delivered a baby girl safely around 1.30am.”

Father Misses Birth of His Firstborn

Father Misses Birth of His Firstborn: His baby girl was delivered safely! | Photo: Jack Daniel / Facebook

Daniel also expressed his gratitude to the entire medical team who assisted with his wife’s “safe normal delivery”.

He leaves a heartfelt message to his wife in his post: “to my dear wife, you are a strong woman, I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there with you. I love [you] with all my heart and take care of the baby till I come.”

Father Misses Birth of His Firstborn: “We sacrifice our family needs for you, you please stay at home for us.” | Photo: Jack Daniel / Facebook

“Be blessed that you are called to be home”

While Daniel shares his experience in this touching post, as much as he cares for the health of his family, he also urged everyone to stay at home for the sake of their own safety.

“We sacrifice our family needs for you, you please stay at home for us,” he ends off his post.

You can view new dad, Jack Daniel’s full post here:

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