Cynthia Koh asks for kindness towards healthcare workers after witnessing abusive patient

Singaporean actress Cynthia Koh in a photo posted on her Instagram on 14 Feb 2022. (Photo: Ade Lau)
Actress Cynthia Koh. (Photo: Ade Lau)

Singaporean actress Cynthia Koh has asked for people to "be kind and practise patience" towards healthcare workers after witnessing an incident of a patient being abusive towards nurses.

Writing in her Instagram Stories, Koh said she had been staying at the hospital when she encountered the unruly patient.

The 47-year-old was admitted into Mount Alvernia Hospital on 29 Jan after experiencing a high fever. She was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease.

"During my hospital stay, one patient was screaming at two nurses on night duty at 12.30am because his HDMI cable cannot hook up to the TV. I could hear him screaming from my room so loudly," she wrote. "The nurse was so shaken after. She hooked me up to my IV machine and forgot to on it."

"Please remember that it's a hospital, not a hotel. It's a place to rest and recover, not party and be served. Please place self-entitlement issues at the excess baggage counter. You don't need it. I shall not describe him but shame on him for being so unkind to our nurses and being an a**hole to the ladies," Koh went on.

The actress said there was a shortage of manpower and frontline workers had been fighting COVID-19 for more than two years. She asked of people who are admitted to hospitals and emergency clinics: "We can be kind and practise patience."

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