Curiosity Quotient: 5 Ways To Fan The Flames Of Curiosity In Your Child

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You may have noticed your child intently watching ants marching in the garden or gazing at the orange sky. This is nothing but a sign of curiosity. Children can be naturally curious about the world around them and want to know the WHYs and HOWs!

Incidentally, this is great quality to posses because a curiosity can fuel a child’s desire to learn. As Linda Acredolo, a parenting advisor and author puts it, “Instilling a passion for learning is one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids.”

But how curious is too curious and does it really matter in the long-run? Let’s find out!

What Is Curiosity Quotient?

children of working mothers
children of working mothers

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While we often talk about IQ or Intelligence Quotient, it is a child’s curiosity quotient (CQ) that helps them stand apart from the crowd. In fact, this measure of mental ability is equally predictive of a person’s problem-solving capabilities.

Dr Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic explains the concept of curiosity quotient. He says, “CQ is a measure of how inquisitive and open to new experiences you are. While not as researched as much as IQ or EQ, people with high CQ tend to generate more original ideas and are counter-conformist.

Curiosity boosts learning and strengthens memory and according to studies it is more easily cultivated than IQ. As Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

Nurturing your kid’s curiosity is an important tool through which you can help them become a lifelong learner. We take you through some practical ways that can help encourage curiosity in your young child.

5 Ways To Encourage Curiosity In Kids

Reading out loudly

curiosity quotient
curiosity quotient

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This strategy helps to boost curiosity in little ones. For instance, while reading a story, pause in between and ask your child to think about what would happen next and/or which character they particularly liked or disliked and why.

Your questions will prod them to think.

You can also ask them how they would have written this scene differently. The best option to give wings to their imagination is to ask them to read. Take them to a library and let them spend quality time with books.

Ask them about their observations

It is the simplest of things that can drive curiosity in children. On the way back from school, ask them what they notice on the road. If you have got something new for the house, place it without their knowledge and see whether they are able to notice it.

You can also try the planting technique. Ask them to water their favourite plant every day and then ask questions on how the plant is developing. See if they are able to spot minor changes.

Don’t be critical

Kids need appreciation at each step and it is only natural. As parents, we need to energise our kid’s curiosity in the right direction. When they come running to you asking with a question, avoid turning them away.

Even if you are busy, don’t say “Please don’t disturb me.” Instead, try “Yes, that’s a great question. Shall we discuss this during our playtime. In the meantime, I’ll think about the answers.”

Don’t micromanage your kids

Sometimes it is liberating for children to be their own boss and follow no rules. So while you may have strict house rules, it is also important to let children make their own too. Micromanaging them will not yield any result and they’ll feel more caged and resent everything you ask them to do.

Instead, allow them to make mistakes and learn from them. Avoid scolding or yelling at them just because they did not do exactly as you asked them. They might just come up with a better solution to the problem.

Encourage your kids to develop a hobby

Motivate your child to develop a world other than their school and studies. This is where a hobby comes into play. If you notice your child showing interest in a particular vocation, encourage them to explore and take it up in their leisure time.

It’ll not only help them become more curious, it’ll also help them understand their own likes and dislikes.

So what’s the wait? Help your child enhance their curiosity quotient today and become leaders and critical thinkers of the future.


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