Cupra teases interior of its first all-electric car

Cupra's teaser of the interior of its all-electric concept car

A month after Cupra provided a first glimpse of its upcoming electric crossover, the company's first, Seat's high-performance sub-brand has published a teaser of the model's interior.

In July, Cupra, the sub-brand behind Seat's highest-performing vehicles, published an obscure image of their very first all-electric road vehicle: The Cupra Concept. Today, that image has been followed up with a second, but this time, the teaser is of the driver's side of the cabin.

The model is a four-door crossover "with the presence of an SUV and the sleekness of a sports coupe" whose athletic aesthetic has been brought inside. The cabin is driver-focused with a fully digital instrument panel and a hearty collection of controls on the steering wheel -- including engine and driving mode controls -- right at the driver's fingertips.

Similarly to what has been revealed of the exterior, the interior features structured contours that give the cabin a streamlined and stylish finish.

The digital reveal of the Cupra Concept is scheduled for September 2, while the world premiere is slated to take place at this year's Frankfurt International Motor Show from September 14 to 24.