Crystal Fung ends relationship with boyfriend of four years

31 Dec – Crystal Fung recently announced that she and her long-time boyfriend Martin have called it quits.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB actress shared the bad news on social media, writing, "Since 2015, we've encouraged each other and helped each other throughout these four years. We've experienced ups and downs and saw our progress at different stages."

"Although we are no longer a couple, we will still support each other and bless one another," she added.

Speaking to the media following the announcement, Crystal said that it was a mutual decision and a peaceful one.

"We're very thankful for these four years. We grew together and support each other. I am very thankful to have met him," she tearfully added.

It is noted that the couple previously moved in together to a new apartment. When asked about their living arrangements, the actress said that they already moved out.

She also dismissed the notion of a third party, saying that it was an issue between the two of them.

"Two different people living together, there will be some adapting to make and, in that process, we found out that we were more compatible as friends," she added.

(Photo Source: Crystal Fung Instagram)