Critics give solid early reactions to Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Ben Arnold
Good news… sounds like Guardians 2 is not too shabby – Credit: Marvel

Early screenings of Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ appear to have given the sequel a solid stamp of approval.

Critics who have seen the movie early – but are under an embargo for their reviews – have taken to Twitter to hint that it could even be better than the much-admired first instalment.

It wasn’t thoroughly unanimous, however…

In the main, it’s news that will please fans enormously – as is the fact that director James Gunn appears to have beaten all post-credit scene records too.

According to reports, there are four (count ’em) in all, so no leaving the auditorium early.

Three are said to be amusing bonus scenes, while the final snippet provides an important set-up for the third movie, which, incidentally, James Gunn has confirmed he’s directing.

You’ll be able to judge for yourselves once it’s released on April 28.

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