Crayon Pierced Between A Father’s Toes Is A Warning For Both Parents And Kids At Home

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One of the most common objects you can find at home, especially when living with kids, are crayons. When it comes to crayon dangers for kids, they pose as choking hazards and if accidentally consumed in excess, could lead to intestinal obstruction.

Parents do have their own fair share of freak accidents involving kids, but a crayon you ask? 

And that is what father of six, Jacob Brown, experienced in a bizarre accident where he had a crayon embedded between his toes after trying to kick it away.

Wait, what?  

“Yes that’s a crayon stuck deep in my foot!”

The dad, based in Alabama in the US, shared his experience on Facebook. “So this happened this morning! Yes that’s a crayon stuck deep in my foot!” Brown wrote in his post. 

It all started when he noticed two crayons on the floor when he was heading into the bathroom to take a shower before his son’s baseball game, said to Australian parenting website, Essential Baby, in an interview.

“Instead of picking them up I went to kick them out of the way,” he explains. The dad however, says that it was a “big mistake”. 

Along with his caption, were accompanying images of the crayon lodged underneath his skin, between the third and forth toe of the right foot.

crayon dangers for kids

Photo: Jacob Brown / Facebook

How It Happened

Comments flooded in on Brown’s post, with many being dumbfounded on how that accident could have happened.

Photo: Jacob Brown / Facebook

Exactly, how? 

Brown addressed curious netizens in his replies to them.

“I just slid the crayon across the floor to get it out of the way to keep from stepping on it. And it hit a transition bar that is laying between my tile floor and my laminate floor,” wrote Brown. 

Photo: Jacob Brown / Facebook

The dad said to Essential Baby that one of the crayons “must have been perfectly aligned with the gap between [his] toes”, leading to the eventual piercing through the gap of his toes. 

“Kind of crazy, still blows my mind,” Brown wrote.

crayon dangers for kids

This incident that the dad experienced shows the extent to crayon dangers for kids. | Photo: Jacob Brown / Facebook

Following the freak accident, Brown was rushed to the hospital by his wife and kids. It was said that even the doctors and nurses that tended to him “couldn’t believe it”.

While they managed to pull the crayon out of Brown’s feet, “it was a definitely a first for them” he said.

There was not much bleeding observed, according to the dad and “only bled when it was pulled out”.

Brown also uploaded a video of the removal procedure of the crayon, as well as his stitched up foot. 

Photo: Jacob Brown / Facebook

You can view Jacob Brown’s full post here.

Photo: Jacob Brown / Facebook

Safety Warning for Parents and Kids At Home

While this incident with Brown might have been a freak accident, it serves as a warning especially if there are children at home. It is always important for parents to stay vigilant at all times to ensure the safety of little ones. 

Apart from not kicking crayons around and to pick them up instead, here are some simple ways to ensure the well-being of your child at home:

  • Always keep the play area tidy, store items away when not in use
  • Pay attention to small objects that your child could come into contact with as they pose risks of suffocation
  • Put a safety latch on cupboard doors containing potentially harmful substances
  • Wrap blind cords and attach them to the wall of at least 1.6 m above the floor
  • Keep water bodies away from young children—they can drown even in 2 inches (6 centimetres) of water

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