Covid-19 Rules Eased: Singapore To Allow Groups Of Five To Dine In From July 12

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As Singapore sees a decline in the numbers of new community Covid-19 cases, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has instructed for safety measures to be eased.

On Wednesday (July 7), MOH said groups of five will be allowed to dine in next Monday (12 July) and other Covid-19 rules in Singapore will gradually be eased.

This announcement is based on the expectation that the proportion of Singapore residents who have received at least their first jab of the vaccine will cross the two-third mark.

So if you haven’t got your vaccine yet, it is time to rush and get it done now!

Covid-19 Safe Management Measures To Be Eased In July

dine in singapore
dine in singapore

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MOH noted that the number of Covid-19 community cases declined from 86 to 28 in the past week, as of Monday (July 5). According to data from MOH, the total of unlinked cases also fell from 14 to 4 in the past week.

While the ministry has announced new Covid-19 rules, here are several updates on safe management measures that you should also know:

1. Groups of five will be allowed to dine in at Singapore

dine in singapore
dine in singapore

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As Singapore eases its safety measures, the cap on groups allowed to dine in at food and beverage (F&B) establishments will be raised to five persons. MOH says this will start from Monday (12 July).

This is in line with the current cap on social gatherings that is also up to five persons.

Other F&B establishment rules include:

  • Entertainment such as live performances, recorded music and screening of videos will still be prohibited at these F&B establishments. This is to reduce the risk of transmission from patrons having to raise their voices while talking to be heard.

  • Social distancing between groups of diners and the need to keep masks on unless eating or drinking should still be followed.

Despite the easing of the rule, MOH reminded the public that dinning in still remains a high-risk activity in Singapore since many people will be unmasked. They will also be in close proximity with each other while unmasked, which is a high risk as well. So it is best to avoid, if possible and follow safety protocols when venturing out.

2. Wedding receptions will also be allowed to resume

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From next Monday, MOH says wedding receptions may also resume. The following safety measures were also brought up for such gatherings:

  • No more than 250 attendees allowed with pre-event testing (PET).

  • Wedding receptions with 50 attendees or less will be required to undergo PET for only the wedding party (the couple and their bridesmaids or groomsmen).

  • Attendees must continue to adhere to all other prevailing safe management measures.

MOH adds that wedding receptions are considered higher-risk activities since attendees may socialise over longer periods of time.

3. Group sizes of up to five allowed for gyms and fitness studios

Indoor activities such as sports and exercise at gyms as well as fitness studios may resume from next Monday as well. This with a group size cap of up to five people.

Class sizes for both indoor and outdoor classes will also be raised to 50, including the instructor. It could also depend on the capacity limit of the venue or whichever is lower.

Participants in such classes will continue to be limited to groups of five.

4. Work from home remains the default arrangement

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Working from home continues to be the default arrangement. But social and recreational gatherings at the workplace will be allowed from 12 July.

Such gatherings must be limited to a total size of no more than five people in line with broader community safety measures.

MOH adds that other workplace measures remain in place and that employers should implement flexible working hours for employees. This to ensure that those who need to go into the workplace start at staggered times.

Cross deployment of workers to different other work sites will also not be allowed at this time.

The Jobs Support Scheme will also have businesses continue to receive 10 per cent wage support extended for another two weeks from 12 to 25 July. This includes:

  • F&B establishments

  • Gyms and fitness studios

  • Performing arts and arts education

  • Retailers

  • Cinemas

  • Museums

  • Art galleries

  • Historical sites

  • Family entertainment

5. “Fast and easy” Covid-19 tests for staff in high-risk settings

For the past few weeks, fast and easy Covid-19 tests such as antigen rapid test (ART) kits have been progressively rolled out for staff working in higher-risk settings. This will be mandatory from next Thursday (July 15).

This will be a form of rostered routine testing for staff in:

  • F&B establishments offering dining in

  • Facial and nail services

  • Spas and saunas

  • Massage establishments

  • Hairdressing and make-up services

  • Gyms and fitness studios where clients are unmasked

The swab tests can be self-administered under employer supervision. They can also be carried out at designated quick test centres.

6. ART kits to be sold at supermarkets and convenience stores

Starting from next Friday (July 16), ART test kits will be available at more general retailers including supermarkets and convenience stores.

MOH says they will also be lifting the cap of 10 kits per individual to allow the public to buy as many kits as they need.

7. TraceTogether, SafeEntry to be required again in supermarkets

Supermarkets will re-introduce the requirement of TraceTogether-only SafeEntry and deployment of SafeEntry Gateways to allow visitors to easily check in and out. This will be from 21 July.

This is to facilitate more targeted contact tracing for those who visited indoor buildings at the same time as an infected person.

Vaccinated People Allowed To Participate In More Activities

can children get covid vaccine
can children get covid vaccine

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People who have already been vaccinated under the national vaccination programme will have differentiated measures once at least half of the population has been fully vaccinated. This is to be expected hopefully around the end of July.

Safety measures MOH is considered for vaccinated people are the following:

  • Raising the caps on social gatherings and dine into groups of eight people in Singapore

  • Raising the cap for large activities or venues up to 500 people such as concerts and weddings

  • More workers to be allowed to return to the workplace depending on the company’s total percentage of vaccinated workers.


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