COVID-19 Recovery Grant To Have Additional Three Months Of Support For Those In Need: MSF

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There is some good news. The COVID-19 Recovery Grant will now provide an additional three months of support for individuals who need further assistance.

This grant was launched on January 18, in order to support lower to middle-income workers as well as self-employed people who were affected by COVID-19.

Additional Three Months Of COVID-19 Recovery Grant

applying for a grant
applying for a grant

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On Tuesday (March 30), the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) said that current grant recipients can start applying from April 19, to renew their support. This, if they are either in:

  • The final month of assistance

  • The assistance has already ended

As of March 22, the COVID-19 Recovery Grant has already supported more than 10,000 people and has disbursed about $10 million according to MSF.

With the additional months in the grant, individuals may receive a maximum of two tranches or a total of six months of support.

“The ongoing pandemic and its economic impact continue to affect some Singaporeans’ financial and employment prospects,” claims the ministry as said on CNA.

Applying For The Grant

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Applicants can now apply online for the grant on the official MSF website from the safety of their own homes. Applications will be until April 18, from 9am to 10pm with the inclusion of weekends and public holidays. Starting from April 19, the application portal will then operate around the clock.

MSF adds that the current grant recipients must continue to meet the eligibility criteria which includes active participation in job searching as well as training.

For self-employed individuals, the ministry says it is important that they also continue to play a role in their healthcare adequacy. They can do so by saving for their own healthcare needs. To further qualify for a renewal of grant support, they must not have any outstanding Medisave contributions. Or, be committed to making contributions via a GIRO plan.

It was also noted that those who are first-time applicants can also apply for the COVID-19 Recovery Grant.

Grant applications will remain open until December 31.

As support for eligible Singaporeans and permanent residents aged 21-years and above, the COVID-19 Recovery Grant will provide the following:

  • Up to $700 a month for three months: For employees who were retrenched or had their contacts terminated. Or those who were placed on no-pay leave for at least three months.

  • Up to $500 a month for three months: For employees who are facing salary loss of at least 50% on average in at least three consecutive months.

  • Up to $500 a month for three months: For self-employed people who are facing an average loss in net trade income of at least 50% over at least a three-month period as compared to their average monthly net trade income either in 2019 or 2020.


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