Covid-19: Google helps you find out all you need to know about countries' travel restrictions

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For example, in Rome, it is mandatory to present a negative test before departure and to observe a 5-day quarantine upon arrival

Google Travel now allows you to discover the health restrictions related to the covid-19 pandemic for any destination in the world in one click. A useful tool to check before booking a plane ticket or a hotel room.

For more than a year now, the covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world of tourism and the habits of all those who want to travel, whether for work or relaxation. At the moment, each country is developing its own protocol, with more or less restrictions, regarding arrivals to its territory, and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what's required, between the more 'relaxed' destinations, those which ask for a negative PCR test and then those which impose a period of quarantine -- whether of a few days or weeks.

In order to properly plan one's travels, Google has simplified the access to all this information directly from its online travel service. After choosing a destination, a dedicated window announces which health protocol is in place there for all people arriving from abroad.

For Rome and Tunis, for example, it is mandatory to present a negative screening test before departure and then observe a five-day quarantine upon arrival. On the other hand, Montreal and Algiers are closed destinations, although some exceptions may apply. In all cases, a specific link leads to more official information.

Note that it will soon be possible to follow the evolution of these restrictions for a particular destination by activating an option "Receive an email if this guidance changes."

David Bénard