“I Couldn’t Ask For A Better Husband,” Says Woman Who Was Reunited With Her Loving Hubby

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Quarantine didn’t keep this married couple from being apart for long. When Natalia started serving her SHN in Singapore, it didn’t stop her husband from getting all her favourite food while keeping a safe distance outside of the hotel.

After spending some time apart as she worked abroad, Natalia finally got to fly back to Singapore this March. Even with only a mere 14 days more until they can finally reunite, her husband couldn’t wait another day more. He made sure to constantly be near the hotel while still following SHN measures.

A Delayed But Sweet Reunion

shn singapore
shn singapore

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Natalia was under contract to live in Japan for eight years. Her contract was until March 2021, which is why she was excited about visits from her husband last year.

But when the pandemic took over, their visits got delayed and borders remained closed the entire year. So instead of seeing each other personally, the couple had to resort to sending each other postcards.

Once March rolled in, Natalia hopped on a plane to finally reunite with her husband. Although even then, she had to serve 14 more days for her SHN in Singapore at Sheraton Towers.

“I Couldn’t Ask For A Better Husband”

shn singapore
shn singapore

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Unable to wait another day more, her husband of 14-years decided to spend much needed time with Natalia by bringing his wife her favourite food.

While still respecting the safety measures of the hotel during her SHN in Singapore, Natalia’s husband would supply her with her favourite fruits and even a box of macarons for her to enjoy.

The following day he prepared mushroom risotto for the both of them to enjoy. That’s right, the sweet couple ate the risotto together yet still quite apart. Natalia’s husband stuck around outside her hotel window where she could see him so that they could eat the meal together.

Natalia mentioned that her husband tried his best to try and visit her every day, even later after work. With his constant presence around the hotel premises, she even left a humorous post on a Singapore hotel quarantine Facebook group apologising for her husband’s frequent visits.

With her SHN ending on Sunday (4 April), the loving couple plan to enjoy dinner actually together this time along with their friends.

“We plan to have dinner with our friends to celebrate our reunion, I couldn’t ask for a better husband,” she tells Mothership.

How To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Marriage Even After Spending Time Apart

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Just like any other aspects of marriage, it’s not easy to be apart from your partner for too long. Especially if circumstances leave you both in a long-distance relationship situation. But with effort and, of course, love between you both, you can manage to keep the spark in your relationship alive through these few tips:

1. Trust your partner. We know how difficult it can be to not be able to consistently see or even contact your partner. But even distance shouldn’t break the trust in your relationship, it should only make the heart grow fonder.

2. Arrange a time to contact each other that is fit for both of you. With how easy it is to call someone even overseas, you can think of many ways and opportunities to reach out to each other.

3. Spend as much time together when you can. When you find an opening for at least a free day to visit each other, make sure to make most of that quality time you have together.

4. Learn to take care of yourself. While your spouse should be your lifelong partner, it’s important that you’re not completely dependable on each other and also responsible for your own health so that you’re prepared to help each other when needed.

5. Always remember that you won’t be apart forever. Don’t forget that you will only be apart temporarily and pretty soon you’ll be able to be together again.

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