Coronavirus: How To Educate Your Kids The Fun, And Interactive Way

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As more novel Coronavirus cases continue to surface, we’ve seen so many different facets of not just the infection but also how our community reacts toward it: from what the virus is and its repercussions, with some consumers’ panic hoarding of items in supermarkets and stores, to kind-hearted samitarians stepping up and offering us a glimpse of the good side of things. There is much to be learned from these interactions. But for kids who are naturally curious while trying to make sense of the world, this can be confusing and scary.

But don’t let fear take the wheel. There are ways to help your child make sense of the situation, such as the Coronavirus in an easily digestible way, without raising any alarms.

Book That Educates Kids About Coronavirus

A very special book, A New Virus Has Arrived’, aims to help children of all ages get a better idea of what the Novel Coronavirus is.

“It is important to educate children on what is happening and how they should feel about it,” Etonhouse told theAsianparent.

Instead of using hard facts found on the internet, children can be educated on the virus through storytelling.

“We used a more narrative format that is child-centered so that it is more engaging and relatable to young children.”

The book, published exclusively by the EtonHouse Community Fund, is fun, engaging and filled with beautiful illustrations that kids will enjoy flipping and exploring.

How To Teach Kids About Coronavirus? This book ‘A New Virus Has Arrived’ is a great resource to help parents explain what coronavirus is to their children. | Photo: EtonHouse

While the book is designed to appeal to kids, even parents and grandparents will be able to gain useful insights: from facts about the virus, how it affects us and ways to protect the family from it.

It also provides a meaningful touch as you and your child get to engage with each other, discuss further about the topic and further understand the link between one’s actions and consequences.

Best of all, the book is available Bilingual in both English and Chinese.

While ‘A New Virus Has Arrived’ book is shared with all Etonhouse students and their parents electronically and through physical copies, you can get your own electronic copy for free, here.

Interactive At-home Learning Kits To Promote Holistic Learning

As part of initiatives by The EtonHouse Community Fund, they have also created an exclusive At-Home learning kit for children who are affected by Leave of Absence

On how to teach kids about coronavirus, the activities included are meant to encourage kids in their learning while promoting a wide range of skills and thinking. | Photo: EtonHouse

This kit includes a range of fun and stimulating activities to spark the minds of children from 18 months to 6 years old.

One of the items you can expect in the box is ‘Our Lily’ storybook, written by children for children. The plot centres around a beloved school pet that goes missing one day, delving into loss and hope based on children’s ideas and voices.

There is also nothing short of interactive as plenty of activities and materials await for the parent-child duo to work on together for days. It is all about holistic learning here.

Through these activities, you will learn more about the virus, create your own pet, craft lanterns to send out messages of hope and build your own explorers kit. Instructions and information will be included.

“As parents, we have an innate desire to protect our children against anything harmful. Instead of succumbing to our fears, we wanted to equip and support families, adults, and children to understand the virus and its implications as well as create shared opportunities amongst them for research and dialogue on the subject,” EtonHouse told theAsianparent.

Download the free e-book ‘A New Virus Has Arrived’ here:

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