Coronation Street's Carla Barlow vows to prove drugs theory

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Stephen Reid could be in trouble over Carla Barlow's vow to prove a shocking drugs theory in Coronation Street.

Earlier in the year, Stephen tried to consolidate power at the factory by spiking Carla's coffee with LSD and then using her erratic behaviour to convince her she was having a mental breakdown.

Since then, several Weatherfield residents have suspected that Stephen could be up to no good, with his own niece Sarah Barlow the latest to become suspicious.

In Wednesday's (August 30) episode, Sarah secretly followed Stephen after hearing him on the phone discussing a potentially dodgy business deal.

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Sarah assumed he was making some nefarious plans about the Nippersnapper deal, though she was proved wrong when confronting her uncle.

Jenny Connor turned up and revealed that Stephen had actually helped her set up a meeting with Newton & Ridley about selling the pub, thus thwarting Sarah's attempt to catch out her uncle.

However, there may be trouble on another front after Carla learned about business associate Rufus using LSD shortly before his recent death. Carla later confided in Roy that the symptoms she'd experienced during her supposed breakdown were the exact same as Rufus had had while using LSD.

Roy grew concerned that Carla could be suffering with a mental health relapse, so he confided in Peter Barlow about Carla's 'paranoia'.

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Peter arranged for her psychiatrist, Dr Gaddas, to come to his home for an intervention with Carla. When Carla returned home, she was furious to see Roy had betrayed her confidence and asked the doctor to leave.

Carla took out her anger until Roy handed over the address of a local clinic where they could test her hair for traces of LSD. Will she be able to prove Stephen was behind drugging her?

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