Coronation Street star Elle Mulvaney promises surprising new Amy story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Note: This article discusses topics including rape and sexual assault.

Coronation Street star Elle Mulvaney has teased a surprising upcoming storyline for her long-standing character Amy Barlow.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Mulvaney, who has just signed a new contract for Corrie, dished on Amy's character development, her relationship with Aadi and her surprising new story.

"Amy's really going through a journey right now," she said.

"We're about to see an interesting year for Amy. We're starting to see how she's coping, and peeling back the mask a bit as well. She has her fire back a little bit, but she's still dealing with things."

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Continuing, Mulvaney explained that her upcoming storyline would feature best friend Aadi –who has recently received a warning over his forbidden relationship with Courtney Vance.

"I'm working a lot with Aadi in my new story. Aadi's able to recognise when Amy's not telling the truth, when she's saying she's okay but isn't."

Mulvaney added that she was looking forward to the arc.

"I'm really excited about the opportunities to come for Amy. My next story is a bit of a curveball. There's a lot of drama coming up – the emotions are a bit like a roller coaster," she said.

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Amy's recent storylines have been hard-hitting; earlier this year, she was sexually assaulted by her flatmate Aaron Sandford, who insisted upon his innocence, despite Amy being unconscious.

Aaron was never charged due to a lack of evidence, despite a legal battle between the characters.

Discussing the storyline, Mulvaney said that it has allowed her to add more depth to Amy.

"As I've grown up, I've grown the character more and more; thankfully, me and the writers are very much on the same page," she explained. "I've developed her into this sarky, witty, funny, headstrong girl. But since the rape storyline we've been allowed to play her character as more layered – not just a sarky teen."

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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