Coriander ladle cakes priced at $1.50 served by Chuan’s Ladle at Tekka Market

If you frequent the pasar malam scene, you might be familiar with Chuan’s Ladle, which serves piping hot turnip cakes packed with years of heritage and nostalgia. The mobile kiosk has finally found its permanent space at Tekka Centre.

Unlike most new hawkers that usually serve up more hipster takes on their food, Chuan’s Ladle is all about retaining heritage. The three brothers, who are the owners of the business, found it important to keep their grandmother’s legacy alive by reliving her recipe.

I find it admirable that the brothers prioritise their grandmother’s legacy more than going with the tastes of the masses. While there might be nothing wrong with the latter, it is touching to see the younger generation injecting the essence of the past into today.

Chuan's Ladle - grandma and owner

From an Instagram comment from 2019, the boys revealed that they were “still learning from their grandma”. Albeit a long process, they’ve finally gained recognition from their grandmother for perfecting these cakes. With space for improvement, of course. Grandma’s words.

Also known as 芒光粿 (Turnip Cake), Chuan’s Ladle offers three flavours: Original, Coriander, and Spicy. Each fritter is originally priced at S$2.50, and will go for S$1.50 at a promotional cost till 11 November 2022. Flavourful and chewy, the fried fritter is not heavy on oil, retaining a pancake consistency.

Chuan's Ladle - Coriander ladle cake

The Coriander Turnip Cake has a nice ratio of dough-to-filling. Filled with turnip, this option has its own distinct flavour, as the floral yet earthy taste of the coriander surprises many.

Chuan's Ladle - Original Ladle cake

As for the Original Ladle Cake, they are filled with the same filling of minced pork, turnip, and tofu. A classic choice for those who tend to ponder!

For those who prefer eating something more substantial, the store also offers Scallion Noodles (S$1.50) and Paper Wrapped Chicken (S$2.50). Each option is also available as a set.

Old-school snacks might not be as easily attainable with the rise of modern twists into our modernised food scene. As time continues to pass, our taste buds follow accordingly with trendy foods. Yet at Chuan’s Ladle, legacies are passed down through recipes. Take a bite to #throwback into the 1950s.

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